mestud2I started Three Dashes Publications to publish my own works, beginning with ‘Tales Of The Ocean City’… and then I expanded the vision to include other authors and thus grow the company.  You can access “Tales…” and my projects, “The Musical Forest” and “The Phantastic Zoo” from the main menu of this site.  Below you can access the works of the amazing authors and artists I am blessed to work with!



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Alice is a master teacher, artist, author and musician.  Most of her works revolve around sharing her love and passion for music with young people.  She has created an imaginative world she calls SOUND CITY – where her characters thrive in harmony and joyous activity.  Besides her writing talents, one of Alice’s chief modes of storytelling is through her brilliant and whimsical Illustrative art…art which infuses her work with unique charm, grace and creativity. Visit Alice’s Page to learn of her growing list of titles!


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Anna has been a practitioner of the theatrical arts all of her life.  She has2013-11-02 09.49.31 lived the adventurous life of an actress and has written many screen plays and books.  We are proud to present her impressive work SO YOU WANNA BE ITALIAN where Anna explores her Italian heritage and honors the historic figures who have influenced her life! The work is also filled with graphics and colorful representations of the figures Anna writes of in her unique and personal way…in a language that lives between prose and poetry.


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Aliyah Alexander’s MEET ME BY THE RIVER : A Woman’s Healing Journey

Meet Me By The River offers Hope in the Darkest hour

Aliyah Alexander shares how one can take even the worst circumstances imaginable and turn them into opportunities for spiritual growth and empowerment…. how to turn Tragedy Into Transcendence!

Aliyah, a highly adventurous outdoors woman deeply tied to nature, received her diagnosis of MS about ten years before this book was created. Meet Me By The River chronicles Aliyah’s life, her joys and struggles… read how what began as a battle with illness transformed into opportunities for incredible introspection and spiritual growth… her triumph!…

Certainly a book to be read by anyone facing life’s challenges!

In Aliyah’s words… “At my darkest moment I began these writings… Sharing them with you is part of my Journey.

I Hope My Journey Helps You In Yours…

“As a hospice chaplain, I have heard countless stories… but never have I been so impressed as when I met Aliyah… She knows how to listen to her heart… and has turned tragedy into joy…”
Rev. Terri Daniel


Alicia Love’s:  ANIMAL MAGIC

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A master storyteller, Alicia ‘Love’ Alexander has been sharing her Animal Magic stories for many years.  She has ‘performed’ them for friends and guests at her home at Amazing Grace B&B and at gatherings of all sorts including public libraries, children’s events, schools and festivals. Now she has written them down and the result is this delightful collection of short stories for everyone to read and enjoy for years to come. The stories in Animal Magic are authentic experiences Alicia has had with the animals on Five Foxes Farm, home of Amazing Grace B&B.   The beautiful illustrations of Kelly Lincoln help bring to life the moving and insightful relationships Alicia has had with these remarkable creatures.

Meet “Finn The Rescue Fish”, “Hopping Hen Henna” and “Poetry”, the American Crow Alicia rescued, befriended and ‘trained back into the wild’.   Join Alicia as she drives across country to a friend’s wedding with her feisty rooster and hen,  “Nashville and Nugget”!   Experience Alicia’s attempt to defend a favored black hen, “Heckity Peckity”, from “Miss Mink”.   And let your heart be touched by a near miraculous truce forged between Alicia and a chicken-thieving fox.

Best of all, you can visit Alicia at Amazing Grace B&B and, perhaps, become part of the story yourself! You can reach her at (607) 539-1163, or