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Dr. Kaufman is an award winning Teaching Artist, an accomplished composer for the Classical Concert Stage and Film, and has maintained a thriving private studio for many years!  He takes his ‘traveling music conservatory’ to your home!  His approach is gentle, he shares his passion for music, focuses on creativity (improv., composition) whenever possible and enjoys sharing the benefits of Music with you and your young people!

Dr. Kaufman can specialize in preparing for High School auditions. I am proud to share that my students have successfully passed auditions to Laguardia, Mark Twain and even gone on to be accepted in the college level Jazz and creative music departments of The New School!

Young Artist’s Page!

PIANO, Composition/Improv., Woodwind/Brass Instruments, Music Concepts, Voice. — Christopher Kaufman earned his Doctorate in Music Composition from Cornell University. He teaches ages 4 thru adult, beginner through advanced. He has taught in many school environments, but has worked exclusively through his private studio for many years.


Portrait of me by my sister Alice Cotton 30 years ago! Visit her page on this site!

“He comes to your house and he’s fantastic. As well as teaching songs from a book, Chris has children composing music as soon as their very first lesson (which my daughter LOVES)…. happy Mom!”

“I don’t know what he said to her during her lesson but suddenly there’s been a complete turnaround. He’s like the baby-whisperer for six year old piano students!”


Visit his ‘teacher pages’ here: OLD HOME PAGEYOUNG ARTISTSNew Young Artist’s PageTROVE

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