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Kirkus Reviews: Phantastic Text
“Kaufman gives children a fantastical experience with his collection of magical creatures… The author presents it all in heightened language that helps build a sense of awe… The siblings’ affection for each other is sweetly depicted, as well… illustrations have the colorful, flat feeling of pale Matisse paintings, emphasizing the narrative’s air of strange adventure.
A warmhearted, encouraging book about the wonders of imagination.”

JOIN Mary  and Tim on a field trip to the Zoo.  They see elephants, exotic birds and lions!  FOLLOW as Mary and Tim meet the Wizard Zitthoona who performs on his magic flute and ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo! EXPERIENCE the moving stories told by Fabulous Beasts; The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon, from which the children learn powerful life lessons.
THE PHANTASTIC ZOO comes with a magnificent  Audio Album bursting with brilliant symphonic music, narration, voice acting by professional actors and sound design.  You may download it for free in any form you wish, and may request a free CD.

Doctor Kaufman has developed THE PHANTASTIC ZOO into a beautiful live show featuring the world renowned flutist/composer/actor, Robere Dische, who personifies the roles of Zitthoona the Wizard, The Dragon, The Bus Driver and The Living Tree.  The story of The Mermaid is read by Sera Filameno as Dr. Kaufman’s daughter Sofia Rose dances the part.  Visit – THE PHANTASTIC THEATER – for more information on this and to see when the next event may occur.
Dr. Christopher Kaufman is an author, composer, teacher and is the artistic director of CHIRON Performing Arts and The Phantastic Theater. He creates multi-media books which combine story, illustrative art, fully realized audio albums bursting with symphonic music, narration, voice acting and sound design, video and live performances. He composes music for the classical concert stage and film. He creates environmental works which include ‘music concrete’ compositions featuring hundreds of natural sounds and have a powerful ecological message. He maintains a private studio of music students of all ages. Christopher lives in Brooklyn with his wife Maryclare, his daughter Sofia Rose, who performs with him on stage often in a lead role, and their cat Tiger, who protects them from all manner of monsters.

CONTACT:  jmusic800@gmail dot com

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  1. This is beautiful musically and visually! Thanks for putting your artistic endeavors out into the world for us all to witness and enjoy!

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