THE PHANTASTIC ZOO – A Work For Family Theater

Christopher Kaufman’s THE PHANTASTIC ZOO is a fantasy story about living life with Imagination.  The story is told through Music, Dance, Illustrative Art, Acting, Puppetry, Narration and Theatrical Production.  There have been different versions of The Phantastic Zoo and it continues to evolve.  All of them have featured Kaufman’s brilliant music, art and creative spirit. 

“I look forward to collaborating with theatrical troupes – to adapt and grow the project to fit your ensemble and vision!”

Press the picture here to see a film of the most recent version held at The Mark O’Donnell Theater on Doctor Kaufman’s outlet series, The Phantastic Theater – 10/30/2022.

In this version you will see many puppets and scenery which Doctor Kaufman created.  Any of them can be replaced with actors or dancers.  Also, this is a version Doctor Kaufman shortened for this occasion.  The zoo exhibit scenes (elephant, exotic birds and lions) can be expanded into set pieces.  The opening bus scene as well can be expanded.  There is a bus driver character, a kind of transitional magic person, who can be reintroduced.  There can be additional mythological creatures in The Phantastic Zoo – from any culture! The performance tape can be lengthened or created with built-in pauses, and on. Doctor Kaufman will work with you to help craft a perfect version of The Phantastic Zoo for your troupe. You may refer to the book version below if you wish.

Press this Cover to where the Book version resides

“A warmhearted, encouraging book about the wonders of imagination.” – (Kirkus Reviews)

STORY: Join Mary  and Tim on a field trip to the Zoo, where they see elephants, exotic birds and lions! They meet the Wizard Zitthoona who, with his magic flute, ushers them into THE PHANTASTIC ZOO where they meet The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon.  From them they hear moving stories about living life with  IMAGINATION.

All of the wonderful puppets and set pieces, art pieces, you see in the film are available. Doctor Kaufman and his daughter Sofia are available. Though we are happy to see what you come up with.

Christopher (Doctor) Kaufman is an accomplished composer of music for the concert stage, film and the theatrical stage.  Since 2016 he has been developing works he calls ‘classical music plays’ – The Musical Forest (a ‘music teacher’ for younger audiences), The Phantastic Zoo (above), Dancing Night Hawk (a cinematic ballet inspired by Native American Myth), The Talisman of Ahau-Kin (a halloween parable film), and his epic fantasy series, Tales of the Ocean City – for which he has yet to create a theatrical version.

“I think of these works as “Classical Music Plays’. The Music is intrinsic.  One friend, an Emmy award winning composer who worked with Jim Henson, termed them “Peter and the Wolf on Steroids!”.  As they progressed, I conceived the music, story and production all at once. These works are for all ages all at once. They leave no one behind…”

My other such works are: The Musical Forest (which introduces music fundamentals within the Phantastic story), Dancing Night Hawk (inspired by Native American Myth), The Talisman of Ahau-Kin (a halloween-themed film which I’d love to adapt for the stage).

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