FAMS 3The Musical Forest Workshop Begins Again!

The Workshop will begin soon – building a new group now.  They go for three Saturdays or Sundays in a row.  Usually around 11AM – as decided by each new family group. 


THREE classes in total.  Held at: The Brooklyn Commonsbrooklyn-commons-header-final2
388 Atlantic Ave – (between Hoyt and Bond)

The Musical Forest Workshop is for people Ages 3-8: Parents and younger ones welcome! For full families!

Need to PREREGISTER by buying PASS! Contact Dr. Kaufman: jmusic800@gmail dot com for more information!


This workshop is a unique and dynamic way for young people to learn about the fundamentals of music. Led by accomplished composer and teacher Dr. Christopher Kaufman, the workshop features live performances from Dr. Kaufman’s work, The Musical Forest. Each class focuses on a basic music concept, such as Rhythm, Melody and Harmony.  Dr. Kaufman brings to life the musical adventures the main character experiences in the The Musical Forest episode for the workshop participants. During the brief performances, orchestral music flows through speakers and colorful illustrative art and text streams by on screen – like a living book.    Dr. Kaufman then leads further workshop activities and deepens the experience of learning about these concepts.  Workshop classes often end with his popular ‘Environmental Workshop’ where families identify and play music with hundreds of natural sounds.

“It’s like Bernstein for kids!”

The cost is $75 per family for the group of three classes and comes with a free copy of Dr. Kaufman’s The Musical Forest (book with CD of an hour of music and storytelling – same as the cost of one class). It is possible to arrange a drop in if you wish to try a class.

Visit the BLOG to see pictures and descriptions of past workshops!
Promotional Video for The Musical Forest:
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Emmy award winning composer Joe Carroll worked with Jim Henson on many projects including Sesame Street.


‘The Musical Forest’ Workshop

INtro 1with Dr. Christopher Kaufman, Composer, Teacher, Author, Artist

CONTACT: jmusic800@gmail dot com

An accomplished composer of music for the classical concert stage and film, and an award winning teacher of young people, Christopher leads a unique workshop based on his unique multimedia book The Musical Forest!

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Participants join Squiggle T. Buglet as she adventures through the Musical Forest, learns music words and engages in musical adventures with Teacher Friends.  Dr. Kaufman and Sofia begin each ‘class’ with a performance of the episode of the day and then bring to life the imaginative games Squiggle has just experienced for you and your children to enjoy! Ages 3-8 – Parents and younger ones Welcome!

The presentations and activities include beautiful professionally produced cinematographic orchestra music, colorful illustrative art and text and engaging narration and voice acting!

Dr. Kaufman also includes selections from other workshops, such as his Environmental Workshop where live performance and natural sounds work together in harmony.

CLASS ONE: RHYTHM: Episode one from The Musical Forest: Squiggle visits with Mizz Lizzaaarhd and learns about rhythm.  Activities come to life and participants play an exciting rhythm game.  Christopher then speaks more about RHYTHM, relates it to everyday life and gives activities to take home in addition to revisiting the episode by listening to and reading ‘The Musical Forest’.  A great deal of teaching takes place purely from experiencing the music and events from this work.   Kaufman often includes his popular environmental workshop where participants play music with a soundscape created from sounds of the Ocean to and workshop classes.

CLASS TWO: MELODY: Episode two from The Musical Forest: Squiggle meets Little Troll, solves a riddle and adventures to the Music Trees where she meets with the Songbirds and learns about Melody, Soprano and Bass voices and tuning notes.  Little Troll appears on screen and asks the participants questions, sees if they can answer which music matches which character and things of that nature.  Dr. Kaufman then teaches more about Melody, revisits the Rhythm game and often ends with another installment of the Environmental workshop which features the sounds of nocturnal creatures.

CLASS THREE: HARMONY: Episode three from The Musical Forest: After solving more riddles with Little Troll, Squiggle visits with Organda and earns the Harmony Seedpod.  Students create chords in class and have activities they can do on any keyboard even if they’ve never taken a lesson.  Dr. Kaufman also deepens the learning about Harmony and relates it to what you can hear every day in your life.

Additional Classes:

CLASS FOUR: THE FAMILIES OF INSTRUMENTS: Episode four from The Musical Forest: Squiggle visits with Little Troll and learns why he asks these riddles and questions.  She goes to ‘The Pond’ and wins her way across by playing a game with the giant Dragonfly.  She descends a huge reed plant and enters ‘Performa’s Lair’ where the giant octopus Mizz Performa teaches about ‘The Families of Instruments’. Students learn about the families of musical instruments.

CLASS FIVE: CREATIVITY: Episode five from The Musical Forest: Here the story reaches a powerful climax as Squiggle and Little Troll become friends and go to ‘The Mysterious Cave of Dr. Soundartus’ together… Squiggle drops in the seedpods, Dr. Soundartus’s Magic Music Wall comes to life and she performs amazing orchestral music upon it.  Students experience how one learns fundamentals for the purpose of creating new music with them.

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