SPIRIT – for Chamber Orchestra

Tpage SPIRIT artusThis work is dedicated to the memory of Wendy Maraniss (6/27/’55 – 11/16/’97). She was a top-level pianist, tireless supporter of new music and an extremely dedicated teacher. She died in a tragic car accident, sliding into traffic on a patch of black ice when driving from her home in Ithaca, NY to teach a student make-up lesson on a Sunday afternoon. She was a friend of mine and a core-member of my presenting ensemble CHIRON Performing Arts.

After her death I discovered that she had written a tome of small piano pieces for children. I offered to help organize them and at that time composed ‘response’ pieces. SPIRIT is an orchestration of these original pieces which have touches of Wendy’s music imbedded in them. Her name is stated in the music as well. The movements are Spirit, Cool Gust, Beautiful Dream (with her name at end), Something Good, Ostinato, Spirit2, and Contrary Dance.

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