I have developed a large variety of music for dance.  Below I present a selection of project pages for works.   You can hear more music and see project pages for more works on my  main Composer Page.

As Director of CHIRON Performing Arts I have presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines.  Dancer Susan Roebuck was a core-member and chief collaborator for many years.

Dance with nature! – wolves, whales, ocean, forest – sound settings created with hundreds of natural sounds!

In these projects I create ‘music concrete’ tapes, live musicians can lead the way and there are videos created from natural images and environmental art which are a part of the experience (can be done with or without live players).  These works can be delivered in more abstract fashion, or present a clear storyline. I develop these pieces for various ensembles, so I can create an original plan, or deliver one of the many already created to match your intent and wishes in terms of timing.   I can deliver  tapes, DVDs, Quicktime movies… as you may require.

PRESS the title ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC to go to project page for this work.

And here another Environmental Work – which people have compared to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring – MUSIC FROM EARTH.

Here is a version of my Environmental work Hudson Valley Music – an  excellent demo for String Quartet, tape and video NOCTURNAL SPIRIT.

THE PHOENIX – chamber ballet.
This is a full length chamber Ballet I created in response to the 9/11 disaster.  It has its own page.  Press the title to go there.

I call this work a ‘cinematographic ballet for full orchestra’.  The tape is excellent.  This work also has its own page (press title).

THE MUSICAL FOREST: this is a brilliant new work, designed for family audiences.  It is for full orchestra and can include narrators and actors all the way to a full fledged Musical Play version with characters, scenery and puppets.  I do the scenery on video and THE MUSICAL FOREST can function extremely well in Ballet Form.  Check out the story and music by pressing the title.  Like all of these works, the tapes are excellent and can be performed from.

Another such work is THE PHANTASTIC ZOO.

I can also create original MIXTAPE variations of my sounds.  The first two movements ofTitle Page 2 my new String Quartet, for example – FREEDOM QUARTET – this work is about the election of 2016.



This is a sampling, I have hundreds of tracks to choose from.  You can peruse for inspiration on my main Composer Page, where you can also check out project pages for other works which may interest you.