– for piano trio (fall ’93) was written for the Ithaca Piano Trio – featuring violinist Lisa Hegyi, pianist Wendy Maraniss and is especially dedicated to the inspiring friendship of cellist Sera Jane Smolen. The title is inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda, particularly his Madrigal in Winter and Walking Around.

This work reflects the process of rediscovery. Passionate energy is combined with clear formal design and direct gesture. The opening phrase of the work depicts the ‘opening of the heart’ – which can have many connotations – and the resultant outpouring of positive emotion, as represented in the violin/cello duet at the end of which the music reaches a climactic peak and then pauses. At this point the music ‘reinitiates’ — as do we when we awake each morning and recreate in our minds each aspect of our life experience; our dreams, expectations, hopes and memories. From this point forward the music speaks for itself and can be described as cresting and receding waves of energy.

Madrigal in Spring is concerned with the strong, sometimes painful emotions which inspire rejuvenation and redefinition. In the true sense, the term ‘Romantic’ may be applied to this music in that the ‘emotional intelligence’ is paramount.  


Video Performance – CHIRON Performing Arts – The Flea Theater (SOHO).  


CHIRON Performing Arts 3/1/2020 – featuring Eugene O’Brien’s ALGEBRA OF NIGHT

CHIRON Festival of the Arts and Environment 12/02/18

CHIRON Festival of the Arts and Environment 12/10/17





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