New Work —

Written for – The Amernet Quartet – amernet


This work was conceived in tragedy, beginning with the recent election and ends with the national anthem, thus celebrating and ‘reinstating’ American political freedom’… but also my mother passed at this time, my father and one of my principal teachers, Karel Husa. The middle movement is dedicated to my mother, Anna Filameno… she was an actress, screen writer and, in ‘the day’, NYC citywide jitterbug champion three years in a row!… you can, in this movement, hear a ‘jitterbug-like theme which says ‘New York’ and accompanies soulful melodies. The form of the first movement also shows this influence, which I term ‘scenic variations’, where the various themes express a wide range of emotionals and the variations are ‘settings’ in which they interact… in combination with classical form… creating a similar tension as found between the juxtaposition of the differing harmonic approaches.

After a final ‘jitterbug’ climactic wave the music goes into a ‘cosmic node’… as musical impression of the spiritual place between lifetimes. Like radio waves, ‘echoes’ of the first movements sift through as well as new music which is all we get of a the ‘scherzo’ music, processed variations of popular dance rhythms… before all reduces to a focused singularity. From this stillness emerges the Czech War Song melody which acts as transition to my rendition of our National Anthem. I do not use the entire melody.

“Ye Who Are Warriors of God”

In the transition to the anthem I honor Mr. Husa by use of the Czech War Song which he used in his great work ‘Music for Prague’ which he wrote in response to Russia taking over his country… which feels oddly appropriate for us now…  This music celebrates, in addition to the political aspect, freedom from convention (i.e. the compositional fad of the day), emotional freedom and, with sadness mixed with grief, freedom from some of the self restricting associations one may have had in relation to the past…”