CHIRON Performing Arts!

SUNDAY December 10th! 2017
Exciting performances by world class musicians! Multimedia environmental works! Speakers on environmental issues! 

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CHIRON Performing Arts brings the evolutionary visions of contemporary artists to the community.  Through concerts of new music and festivals of the arts with themes such as ‘environmentalism’, we reach out to new audiences and demonstrate how The Arts participate in contemporary culture, our every day lives, and contribute to the evolution of humanity.  While centered in the classical music tradition, we include in our concerts and festivals other artistic disciplines and multicultural approaches. The disposition of our events maintains an emphasis on imagination and friendliness.  We welcome those new to new music and are proud of the enthusiastic responses to our events.

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In Greek Mythology the God Cronos came to Earth and ravaged a sea nymph. CHIRON was born of this union.  He was a centaur in form and became the teacher of the God’s and Heroes of the mythological world of Greece. He taught all of the arts of civilization, with an emphasis on Music. There are a number of tales of his manner of death, but when he died Zeus rewarded his service by making him the constellation Sagittarius.

Through CHIRON, creative/director Dr. Christopher Kaufman has presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines.

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At our recent event, all were welcome to see/hear the entire event, or to target one part.  Part One 4PM – THE PHANTASTIC THEATER – designed for family audiences.  Part Two 6PM – CHIRON Performing Arts –  the continuation of Christopher Kaufman’s long running series featuring exciting world class musicians performing imaginative works in a context of creative presentation.  CHIRON’S Mission and History are below.

Part One – Christopher Kaufman’s THE PHANTASTIC THEATER – fine arts and music for family audiences, featured his educational and entertaining work THE MUSICAL FOREST (which includes voice acting, dance, puppetry, colorful art streamingmer-5 on screen and full symphonic music pouring through speakers).  Principal young artist, Sofia Rose JenbluKaufman, performed the lead role.  Opera star, Jennifer Roderer, spoke about her early experiences in music and why she chose to be a singer, concert pianist, Daniel Rieppel, joined her and performed solo piano works. Guest young artist, Elias Peretz, performed Glinka’s, The Lark.  A speaker from Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots spoke about the environment and give action steps.

r4Part Two – CHIRON Performing Arts – this long running series continued with brilliant performances by world-class performers.  Robert Dick performed ‘Blue-Green Planet’ on his giant human-sized danplay nu 1contrabass flute where he utilizes original sounds of his own invention, Jennifer Roderer was joined once again by Daniel Rieppel in powerful performances of Verdi and Ravel.  Emmy award winning composer Joe Carrol spoke about activating creativity to accomplish goals. French hornist/composer Jeffrey Weeks Harrison spoke about his recent experiences in Africa and performed his cinematographic work “A Day in the Lie of an Elephant: Mourning Scene”.  The evening finished with Christopher Kaufman’s well regarded environmental work, Hudson Valley Music which takes the audience on a journey from the Long Island Sound,famduobeauty4 up the Hudson River and into mythological space.  For this last work, all of the performers present took part and a powerful message concerning the care taking of our planet was delivered within the context of vibrant art.  This work is led by the live players, video of natural imagery and environmental artist Ken-Cro-Ken and the backdrop of ‘music concrete’ composed of hundreds of natural sounds.

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