JenbluGreat rehearsal today between Jennifer Roderer (opera star) and Daniel Rieppel (concert pianist)! They will be performing opera scenes of Humperdink and Verdi… and the music of Ravel, Debussy, Kaufman and Clara Schumann.

The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave

Also you will hear new music of Robert Dick performing on his giant contrabass flute, Two major works of Christopher Kaufman (The Musical Forest and Hudson Valley Music, which takes you on a  journey from the Long Island Sound, up the Hudson Valley and into mythological space through a unique combination of video, live performance and ‘music concrete’ compositions with hundreds of Natural danplay nu 1Sounds),  Jeffrey Weeks Harrison’s cinematographic ‘A Day in the Life of an Elephant’… young artists Elias Schisgall and Sofia Rose Kaufman and 2 speakers: Emmy Award Winning composer (from projects such as Sesame Street) Joe Carrol, and Arunima Roy, a member of Jane Goodall’s Youth Council!



CHI POSTER '18 smallJOIN US THIS SUNDAY!  THE CHIRON FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS AND ENVIRONMENT is in two parts!  Part One 4PM is Christopher Kaufman’s imaginative and educational series, The Phantastic Theater, which presents new music and art to family audiences of all stripes! Part Two 6PM is the continuation of Kaufman’s long running series, CHIRON PERFORMING ARTS, presenting new music and art in a highly creative and effective manner! Environmental Theme pervades!

THE BROOKLYN COMMONS, 388 Atlantic ave, Brooklyn, NY!
only $15 for one, then $5 for additional family members!  Tickets HERE.

You will see/hear: world renowned Flutist/Composer Robert Dick performing on his giant human-sized flute to a film of Earth from space, Opera Star Jennifer Roderer and Concert Pianist Daniel Rieppel performing the music of Ravel and scenes from operas such as Hansel and Gretel, Jeffrey Weeks Harrison, fresh from his years in Africa, performing his cinematographic work, ‘A Day in the Life of an Elephant’! Christopher Kaufman’s epic work, Hudson Valley Music which incorporates live music performance, hundreds of natural sounds, video of natural images and the work of artist Ken Cro-Ken and takes you on a journey from the Long Island Sound, up the Hudson River Valley and into mythological space!

There’s More!  Arunima Roy from Jane Goodall’s org. will speak, Emmy Award Winning composer Joe Carrol (who worked with Jim Henson on projects such as Sesame Street) will address the audience on the subject of activating creativity to accomplish goals (such as saving the planet!), and the entire event begins with a performance of Christopher Kaufman’s ‘The Musical Forest’, with young artist Sofia Rose, which is a music adventure story including dance, acting, full symphonic music, colorful illustrative art and puppetry!

Review of The Phantastic Zoo!

A new review of my work, The Phantastic Zoo, (the book form) is in from Kirkus reviews!
“Kaufman gives children a fantastical experience with his collection of magical creatures… The author presents it all in heightened language that helps build a sense of awe… The siblings’ affection for each other is sweetly depicted, as well… illustrations have the colorful, flat feeling of pale Matisse paintings, emphasizing the narrative’s air of strange adventure.
A warmhearted, encouraging book about the wonders of imagination.” (Kirkus Reviews)

The Phantastic Zoo (with audio album)

This new work by Christopher Kaufman features enthralling story, colorful illustrative art, 57 minutes of cinematographic symphonic music and the voice talents of Stephanie Erb and Robert Dick. Follow as Mary and Tim meet the Wizard Zitthoona, who performs music on his magic flute and ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo! Experience the stories the children hear from Fabulous Beasts, The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon! The combination of story, art, symphonic music and voice is immersive, moving and unique.


String Quartet! Music is Wow.

amernetThis piece has been an incredible amount of work… my ‘Freedom Quartet’ for the Amernet Quartet… I’ve written through tons of material to get to that golden place… got feedback from one of my favorite ex-teachers in the midst of it… helped a lot!… Now it is getting to the completion of the first movement… the second is done… the rest is clear..!… On to the Anthem!… Wow… can’t wait for the performances…!

Artist Statements:

Artist Statements:mestud2

“The science is in! Humans perceive color… physiologically, emotionally, psychologically… therefore…  All music is tonal! It is merely a matter of the range of a composer’s palette, and the techniques which get you there…”

“Personally, I experience the term ‘atonal’ as something similar to an ethnic slur”… why would anyone accept a negative term as self definition..?.. it is born of a critics insult… and I would hope that one’s  definition of tonal was a bit larger than merely the diatonic variation… the classical originators thought of music in terms of tetrachords and different ones were called ‘shades’ and ‘echoes’… Classical music is about the relationship between architecture and powerful emotion… and in my concertmusic, like my new String Quartet which celebrates ‘Freedom’, I consider it a goal to create the most powerful musical impression I possibly can in order to cut through the ‘aural static’ which surrounds us on an every day basis…”


TEACHING!: Student Concerts in Three Weeks!

COMPOSING!: Fully immersed in writing String Quartet! For Amernet: to be premiered next season!  Jason Calloway will perform new solo cello music!

THE PHANTASTIC THEATER!:  This summer I will create a new multi platform work ‘Dancing Night Hawk!’ to be premiered October 29th at the Jalopy Theater! We will perform ‘The Musical Forest’ with the Southwest Minnesota Symphony November 21st and a new version of ‘The Phantastic Zoo’ December 10th!

See you in the Fall!

One of our Students Makes it Big!

Griffin Koelbel attends the New School!griff

We’re very excited for Griffin! Exalted member of Dr. Kaufman’s studio for many years! In the Fall he’ll be attending the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the New School! The Jazz school is within the College of Performing Arts which includes drama and classical music. The New School also incorporates the Parsons School of Design and the Eugene Lang School of Liberal Arts. So there will be many great options for classes in liberal arts and design as well as music.