Ben is my all-time best practicer!  Here’s the evidence!

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1000 DAYS IN a ROW!

Here’s my reference letter for Ben!   Reference Letter

Here are two of his Original Compositions!

Ben’s Artist’s Statement about “Glass Rainbow”.

“Glass Rainbow” is about being me now because I love Philip Glass. I was just playing around with the piano and came up with it. I call it “Glass Rainbow” because I use some of Philip Glass’s techniques. It is also a pun on glass because glass is smooth and so is the piece. The rainbow part of it comes from its many colors in lots of sections that are each slightly different.”





Benjamin Noah Shifrel, 12 years old, is in the 7th grade at PS 146, the Brooklyn New School. He tblog-minlives in Brooklyn with his mom, dad and sister, where he plays lots of sports and spends as much time reading as possible. Benjamin loves classical music, especially Bach and Beethoven. He also loves Philip Glass, whom he actually met after the composer gave a talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Benjamin first started playing piano in first grade at an afterschool program, which culminated with a mini-recital at Jazz at Lincoln Center. He has been playing piano ever since, the last three years under the tutelage of Dr. Christopher Kaufman.