Doctor Christopher Kaufman is an author, composer, award winning teaching artist, illustrative artist, film-maker and concert presenter.

This page is devoted to his creative multimedia works.  They feature stand alone books with graphic illustrative art which, for full immersion, can be combined with Audio Book Albums filled with Kaufman’s richly orchestrated cinematic music, voice acting and sound design. His works include epic fantasy works, such as his “Tales Of The Ocean City” series, and works for family audiences infused with educational elements, such as his “The Musical Forest.” 

Sofia Performs Dancing Night Hawk.

Many of these works are also presented as live productions.  World-class musicians perform as symphonic music pours through speakers, illustrative art streams on screen and the works are performed via voice acting, narration and puppetry.  Kaufman’s daughter, Sofia Rose Kaufman, often performs the leading role and is the inspiration for much of the work.

These projects have their own pages [below] for your perusal and can be purchased as Books and Audio Albums.

The performance vehicle is my concert series – The Phantastic Theater New Music and Art for All AgesYou can visit the theater page by pressing the picture logo.

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This book is from the movie Doctor Kaufman created for the World Premier of the Halloween Edition of his concert series for family audiences, The Phantastic Theater.

Story, Music and Art all by Doctor Kaufman.  His daughter. Sofia Rose Kaufman, stars in the film and book!

Horror meets The Twilight Zone and History in this fun, Halloween-Themed Original Tale! Join Young Rosita Alvarado as she saves our planet from an evil mist turning people into zombies and ghosts! The Earth has created this mist in response to our ill treatment of her. Young Rosita enters the haunted mansion of her ancestor, the dread pirate “Captain Blood” and braves his scuttled pirate ship on the bottom of the sea.  There she must retrieve the ‘Talisman of Ahau-Kin!  The Talisman is from the tombs of the ancient Mayans and has the power to cure the planet!

Visit SOUNDARTUS on you tube to see this highly original film and other works.


This work teaches music fundamentals in each chapter(episode) –  as follows.
Squiggle T. Buglet adventures in The Musical Forest learning music words and having music adventures with her teacher friends, after which she earns a ‘seed pod’ for Rhythm, Hearing Tones, Melody, Harmony and the Families of Instruments.   She does all of this with the goals of taking these seed pods to The Mysterious Cave of Doctor Soundartus and making music on his magic music wall.  We have performed this work as separate chapters in small settings, chamber setting performances in The Phantastic Theater style as described above and as a live concert piece with full Symphony Orchestra.   Press cover picture to go to store.  Press HERE to visit project page.  The Musical Forest is also a teaching system where Doctor Kaufman teaches you to start your child on his/her musical path.  Teaching System HERE. The Musical Forest is also a concert work: visit HERE:


In this work two children, Mary and Tim, are on a field trip to the zoo.  The see exhibits, the Elephants, the Exotic Birds and the Lion.   Each exhibit features Doctor Kaufman’s original music and sound design which includes the sounds of the animals.  Later they meet up with the Wizard Zitthoona.  He ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo and they hear fascinating and nourishing stories from fabulous beasts such as The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon.  From each they learn life lessons about living life with imagination.  This work was written partially as a vehicle for the great flutist Robert Dick who participates in the live performances and is filled with brilliant music.  Press Cover to go directly to store.  Press HERE to visit project page.

“Kaufman gives children a fantastical experience with his collection of magical creatures… The author presents it all in heightened language that helps build a sense of awe… The siblings’ affection for each other is sweetly depicted, as well… illustrations have the colorful, flat feeling of pale Matisse paintings, emphasizing the narrative’s air of strange adventure.
A warmhearted, encouraging book about the wonders of imagination.” (Kirkus Reviews)


The most recent of Doctor Kaufman’s multimedia works, Dancing Night Hawk is Doctor Christopher Kaufman’s epic tale inspired by Native American Myths. It tells the story of young Dancing Night Hawk who must rescue the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa, the Thunderbirds who protect her village, from the Ma’ha’kuk, the evil Dragon Lords who hold the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa captive in their Niagra Fortress.

Join Dancing Night Hawk on her terrific Adventure!  Press cover picture for Store.

Visit SOUNDARTUS on you tube to see the amazing film version of DNH and other works!



“Tales Of The Ocean City by Chris Kaufman, is a Graphic Audio Book that fuses narration, music, and visual art to create a rare kind of experience — a brilliant form of entertainment that masterfully blends these beautiful episodic stories with award-winning music and dazzling art. Fantasy readers who also love epic music, you’re in for a treat once you consume the wonderful world of Kaufman’s creative work…” F.J.Bayrog – Fantascize Mag


In this multimedia book, you will enjoy Kaufman’s beautifully imagined stories, over an hour of powerful cinematographic music fused with narration, and 50 or so individuals works of illustrative art!

‘Tales Of The Ocean City’ is the epic story of a young civilization forced to confront the Vorm, a terrible enemy from the deep past.  Join Harl’ut and the noble pegasus Vispushin on this epic adventure as they lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive.

Experience the thrilling story, dramatic reading, award winning music and evocative art of Chris Kaufman.  Explore the exotic and mystical world of Tir’Whol with its three suns and myriads of imaginative creatures. Discover the compelling characters who inhabit The Ocean City!


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