at_the_gates_of_hell_by_renata_studio-d464vj0…At the Gates…
for Five Tenor and Four Bass Trombones
composed 11/2002
…At the Gates…

— A Battle of the bands at the Gates of Hell —

You are at the edge of the pit…
You see boiling magma…
There are clarion calls and demonic beasts…
The Gates of Hell.
Then, at the edge… a Jazzband begins to play…
The demons roil in discomfort…
The Jazzband continues and wins the day…

“A wild and glorious fanfare…”

“Badass Piece”  – Donald Erb

Go Here to hear it! – track Number 51



First Three Pages

*World Premier Performed by Haim Avitsur and the CHIRON Trombone Choir, Christopher Kaufman, conducting. – CHIRON Performing Arts 11/9/04 – THE FLEA Theater, Tribeca, NY

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