Hello, my name is Alice Cotton. Welcome to my Author’s Page with Three Dashes Publications!  I have spent my life as a musician, artist and teacher, and have combined all this experience within the books you see below: Wrong Notes, When Buildings Speak, Musical Tales and the Detective Reed Mysteries (coming soon).
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Alice’s Book Page


A half rest stands before an invisible door and says the magic words, “OOM PAH PAH”. The door opens, lights flicker and the lyrical sounds of harps and flutes flow through the air.


Sound City poster

Sound City is the place where musical characters are alive and ready for adventure. As you read Alice’s books you will meet, Allegro, an energetic eighth note who runs madly through Sound City preparing for the upcoming Harmonious Spring Concert, and Hilo, a super cool treble clef found in a song called The Peppermint Twist and, of course, Detective Reed, the half rest who chases the notes composers lose. You will weave through sound waves and vibrating strings, discover the forest of rests, and go on an occasional trip into the mysterious Town of Changing Shapes. Be careful! You might find yourself within the garden where the pink singing flowers grow!

10.5 singing flowers

 ~ Alice Cotton is a musician, artist, author and teacher.  She has written curriculum for teachers that encourages their creativity. She believes great teachers are interactively learning and teaching with their students.



In MUSICAL TALES you get three Music Fantasy Adventures from the imagination of Alice Cotton! Alice’s illustrative art leads the way as you experience these whimsical stories centered in ‘Sound City’ – the place where her characters live and thrive.  Readers learn music concepts as they enjoy these brilliant tales.
Largo and the Lost Key – Adventure with Largo the half-note through Bongo Drum Park and ‘the Home for lost keys’ as he searches for his lost key Aria.
Allegro and the Spring Concert – Allegro, a music note, is desperately trying to reach his place at the end of Muzio Clemente’s Sonatina which a young girl is playing in her recital!  Does he get there in time?
Hilo’s Birthday – Sound City Springs to life as Hilo the treble clef’s birthday is celebrated!

Alice Cotton is a teacher, artist, author and musician.  Most of her works revolve around sharing her love and passion for music with young people.


WRONG NOTES teaches that mistakes are a part of the process of life and learning! The quotes mary-minand experiences of famous people are combined with the engaging and whimsical illustrations of artist Alice Cotton.  Alice and her friend, Mary Kogen, also a teacher and musician, have together created this colorful book that will inspire people of all ages.

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The Authors of WRONG NOTES

~ Alice Cotton is a musician, artist, author and teacher.  She has written curriculum for teachers that encourages their creativity. She believes great teachers are interactively learning and teaching with their students.

“Only when embraced in the arms of our creativity are we inspired to do our greatest work.” Following this self-made motto, Alice creates an art that is alive, playful and free. She enjoys creating fantasy worlds such as Sound City where all musical characters live.

~ Mary Kogen is a musician/teacher who gives pedagogy presentations all across the country. She presents the TaKeTiNa rhythm process at numerous universities and conferences throughout the United States and in France.

“Wholehearted teaching invites people to recognize their own potential and gifts, which discovery is a moving and extraordinary one. Teaching requires us to respect and trust students to learn in their most natural way ~ to help them discover what that is ~ that is essential.”

Three Dashes Publications is proud to present WRONG NOTES, a highly entertaining and meaningful work from these experienced and creative artists and teachers!


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Stories Told By Oregon’s Historical Architecture.
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“I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in the country,” the author says, “and I couldn’t stop drawing it!”

Thus Alice Cotton began her journey exploring the magnificent and magical architecture of historic Oregon.  She takes us with her on her entertaining adventures which are sometimes funny, sometimes filled with breathless excitement!

A personal story unfolds for each house, station or theater. Alice shares her passion for architecture and delivers stunning fine art drawings of each, interpreting the design of the buildings with her imaginative flair.  She shares an in-depth backstory of each home or structure, the names of the owners and their families both historic and current and the constructions methods used when it was built.

“The drawings are spellbinding… breathtaking… and the writing is beautiful and moving…” – Anna Filameno, writer