INVITATION TO SOUNDARTUS ON YOUTUBE! The Phantastic Worlds of Christopher Kaufman

Hello friends, students, families and Phantastes! (i.e. fans of The Phantastic Theater and The Phantastic Worlds of Christopher Kaufman – all one and the same!)…

During this time I have been busy at work! I have assembled my vast works which combine my richly orchestrated Audio Book Adventures with graphically illustrated books forms!… The Live Show versions will have to await til ‘normalcy’ but you can see film versions on my YouTube channel!

That, in fact, is the main point of today’s communication!  Please visit my YouTube channel SOUNDARTUS, watch the one minute forty one second INTRO film!… and Subscribe!… then you may go back and see some of the beautiful artistic films I have created — as the intro film says – from fine art works to works of fantasy infused with educational elements!  New Music and Art for All Ages!  Link Below!!

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