Brilliant Halloween Show! The Phantastic Theater! Next Sunday the 27th


The Phantastic Theater: The Halloween Edition!
Sunday, October 27th – 1PM
The Mark O’Donnell Theater (160 Schermerhorn, Downtown Brooklyn)

An Original Halloween show performed by Teaching Artists!

I love this project! Christopher writes music that is sophisticated, striking, original, serious yet accessible to children. Plus great story and great art! A wonderful project. — Steve Sandberg, composer, “Dora the Explorer.”

Featuring! – An original short film where a young girl braves a haunted house and a spooky pirate ship at the bottom of the sea to save the world from Climate Change! With Doctor Kaufman’s terrific film score! Teaching artist Karl Kramer demonstrates the French Horn and his award winning abilities! Young pianist Elias Shisgall performs Messiaen and Brahms! The Wizard ZhuZhoosh (world renowned flutist Robert Dick) conjures a mighty spell!

Children and Adults will leave with souvenirs, toys and imaginations filled with music and art!
Join us!

$20 for a “Full Family Pass” Buy tickets ahead! HERE:

For more about event! HERE:

“Leaving the theater, I had the opportunity to speak with a young dad who related how much he and his daughter enjoyed the presentation and how important it was that Kaufman so creatively encouraged people to use their imaginations…” – Michael Spudic, ASCAP

For more about The Phantastic Theater: HERE:

Audience Reactions:
“Wow! What a fascinating program!”

“Beautiful!” (Hudson Valley Music)

“That was the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to!”

“Sofia Kaufman was adorable, Jennifer Roderer mesmerizing, Daniel Rieppel virtuosic, Robert Dick amazing – great performances all around! Congratulations to Doctor Kaufman for producing such an entertaining event.”

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