THE CHIRON FESTIVAL – Thanksgiving Edition – Approaches!!

SUNDAY December 2nd, 11AM
The Mark O’Donnell Theater, 160 Schermerhorn, Brooklyn

New Art and Music for people of all ages!

Come see the upcoming world premier of Dancing Night Hawk!  This cinematographic ballet is a The Phantastic Theater Production and combines Symphonic Music, Dance, Illustrative Art, Puppetry, voice acting, and concert artists – Star of the Metropolitan Opera Jennifer Roderer and world renowned flutist/composer Robert Rick – performing virtuosic music integrated into the production! Young artist, Sofia Rose Kaufman performs the leading role! – the story is inspired by Native American Myth!


After DNH you will hear concert pianist Daniel Rieppel, Art song with Daniel and Jennifer, Robert Dick improvise with his unique world famous sound world on a giant contrabass flute to an original film titled, “A Story of a Tardigrade” – which tells a fictional, yet possible!, tale of one of these remarkable creatures traveling through the solar system on the back of a comet!

The even concludes with a new performance of Doctor Kaufman’s, Hudson Valley Music, a premier environmental work which includes hundreds of natural sounds, video, world-class concert artists, reading from the likes of John Muir, William Blake and Chief Seattle, and takes you on a journey from the Long Island Sound, into the primeval forest and into mythological space!

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