Enjoy a Brilliant Musical Work!

Visit Soundartus!  And the genial work of my dear friend Paul Groh.  Listen to his new Serenade in G for stringorchestra.  It is quite a congenial work from a deeply intelligent composer and string player.  There is much about him and his work at the link… but just go and listen to his Serenade!!  Below is a funny poem he wrote about his music… but do not be fooled, Groh’s roots run deep along the marrow of the musical spine.  Enjoy!


Hello!  Hello!
My name it is P. Groh.
And everywhere I go
I play viola with a bow.
Hello!  Hooray!
And this is what I play:
A Serenade in G,
Not in the key of A.
Come play along!  Don’t get it wrong,
Or else there will be hell to pay!

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