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Dr. K. speaking before a performance of his ‘Nocturnal Spirit’ with the Amernet Quartet at the National Opera Center.

Hi from Christopher! – As you know from my last message I have been engaged in a massive effort migrating my website… and creating a new one titled… store.soundartus…. In this way I can differentiate commercial enterprise from more purely artistic.  There is some interplay… but certainly not always.  So I wish to invite you to subscribe to the new site if you wish.  I have wonderful works to distribute into the market place, as does my creative sister Alice Cotton… we have works of epic fantasy, children’s fantasy infused with educational elements (Alice has been a teaching artist for many years… you can visit her HERE:  – feel free to take a visit and enter your email… there may be an invitation in your email later on just to double check… no worries either way! PRESS Soundartus Logo!

All best! – Christopher


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