JenbluGreat rehearsal today between Jennifer Roderer (opera star) and Daniel Rieppel (concert pianist)! They will be performing opera scenes of Humperdink and Verdi… and the music of Ravel, Debussy, Kaufman and Clara Schumann.

The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave

Also you will hear new music of Robert Dick performing on his giant contrabass flute, Two major works of Christopher Kaufman (The Musical Forest and Hudson Valley Music, which takes you on a  journey from the Long Island Sound, up the Hudson Valley and into mythological space through a unique combination of video, live performance and ‘music concrete’ compositions with hundreds of Natural danplay nu 1Sounds),  Jeffrey Weeks Harrison’s cinematographic ‘A Day in the Life of an Elephant’… young artists Elias Schisgall and Sofia Rose Kaufman and 2 speakers: Emmy Award Winning composer (from projects such as Sesame Street) Joe Carrol, and Arunima Roy, a member of Jane Goodall’s Youth Council!


3 thoughts on “CHIRON FESTIVAL 12/10 4PM/6PM

    • Yes… CHIRON IS BACK!… New and better than ever!… You should hear Jennifer doing the Witch scene from Hansel and Gretel…! God I wish you were here… but we’re going to have a video!… I’ll make a page for it next week and you can see everything!…


  1. Sofia was adorable, Jennifer mesmerizing, Dan virtuostc – great performances all around! Congratulations to Chris for producing such an entertaining event.


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