Artist Statements:

Artist Statements:mestud2

“The science is in! Humans perceive color… physiologically, emotionally, psychologically… therefore…  All music is tonal! It is merely a matter of the range of a composer’s palette, and the techniques which get you there…”

“Personally, I experience the term ‘atonal’ as something similar to an ethnic slur”… why would anyone accept a negative term as self definition..?.. it is born of a critics insult… and I would hope that one’s  definition of tonal was a bit larger than merely the diatonic variation… the classical originators thought of music in terms of tetrachords and different ones were called ‘shades’ and ‘echoes’… Classical music is about the relationship between architecture and powerful emotion… and in my concertmusic, like my new String Quartet which celebrates ‘Freedom’, I consider it a goal to create the most powerful musical impression I possibly can in order to cut through the ‘aural static’ which surrounds us on an every day basis…”

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