Sad News and Event Delayed!

Friends and Supporters of The Phantastic Theater and our work! We had announced that this Friday we were to travel to Minnesota and present the world premier of the New Full Orchestral version of THE MUSICAL FOREST… with my glorious friend Daniel Rieppel leading the Southwestern Minnesota Symphony… but alas… Dan’s dear wife has had a turn for the worse in her battle with cancer and Dan had to cancel all of his activities… So let’s all take a moment to cherish our friends!The show will go on!… The orchestra was kind enough to express their desire to have the concert in November… so we will let you know then of that news…

4 thoughts on “Sad News and Event Delayed!

  1. So sad! We have lost a bunch of people to cancer too. Yikes! It’s like we are in the cancer era here in the states. Makes me wonder….who’s next?! 😳

    Alice Cotton Web site/blog:



  2. So sorry to hear this sad news You’re so incredibly empathetic And kind. Sending prayers!! Stacey and Evan Frisch

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