Good News from your friendly neighborhood composer!

Greetings Friends and Benefactors! Good News to relate!
The Amernet String Quartet amernethas engaged me to compose a new work for them for next season!… It will be titled ‘The Freedom Quartet”… and will celebrate all manner of freedoms… which I’ll explain further in the program notes… The ideas for this music were conceived during the election and this piece will end with an extremely fired up version of our National Anthem!  I am deeply into the process now… and am enjoying writing a chamber work sans all tech!… :)… The cellist Jason Calloway has also asked for two solo works… one will be a new version of my Environmental music… the other a solo work created from the thematic content of the Quartet… kind of like a free spinoff… He plays recitals all over the place so I look forward to many performances of this music next year and into the future.
Then it’s back to the daytime series!  I work on it now to ‘relax’ but ‘Dancing Night Hawk’ – a new book, audio album, show like The Musical Forest and The Phantastic Zoo – will be premiered October 29th at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn! In November Sofia and I will travel to Minnesota to premier the Live Orchestra Version of The Musical Forest and December tenth The Phantastic Zoo returns, this time at the Jalopy with new improvements and turns, especially opening up the role of the flutist Robert Dick… busy as I can be!

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