Experience my work The Phantastic Zoo! Tomorrow morning!

mestud2Tomorrow, Saturday morning March 4th at 11AM, I will present, with my talented daughter Sofia and dear friend the world renowned flutist Robert Dick, an extraordinary feast for the senses.  [The Brooklyn Fellowship 210 24th street,  (between 3rd and 4th aves)…

Under the umbrella of my series The Phantastic Theater – fine arts for the young of all ages, my work, The Phantastic Zoo, hits many levels simultaneously.  You will hear brilliant full classical symphonic music, see gorgeous colorful illustrative art and text flow by on screen (like a living book), dance and voice acting enhance the storytelling experience, as does the use of the large puppets I created.  You will hear fine actress Stephanie Erb read the part of The Mermaid.  The main attraction is, of course, Robert… who personifies the Wizard Zitthoona, The Dragon and the Living Tree at the end.  He willr4 perform on cflute, piccolo, alto and bass flutes and you will hear his sonorous acting voice throughout the show.  Theatrical presentation with lighting effects give a glamorous feel to what is… the presentation of serious art… art which appeals to people of all ages… and is a celebration of the Imagination.

Join us!  Tickets at door: $10 for adults, $9 for children, under three for free.posterflyer-3417

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