mestud2Hello Friends!
New audio albums are available!  These are high quality MP3 albums, so you can easily drag them into your mp3 Players and mobile devices!

“The natural sounds and the musicians intertwine together ad-5-enviro-shoppageperfectly to create something original and powerful.”

Just press titles to access store….ad-5-film-shoppage
“I Love Working with Christopher Kaufman! He is Brilliant. Best artistic experience of my life.”
– Veronia Caicedo, director ‘Little Courage’

The Sound direct from the Live Show!  The ‘abridged version’ of the story and with flutistad-3-zoo-audio-album Robert Dick’s performances included as featured on the Live Show from ‘The Phantastic Theater’.



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  1. Cool!

    Question about my book page in the store: Is it possible to put some of my characters on my book store page? People get confused. They may not care but my group is not internet literate and won’t understand why your pictures are there…they may think they are in the wrong place.

    I like that my new blog pic goes directly to the blog in case they want to use it. Most will have no clue and may not care. Future fans might blog so good to have it there for those who are interested. Right now it is grandparents and parents…some parents may be savvy but many are not..they just want a quick easy way to get the books and to get info about them at my site. They would be more interested in reading articles about why music is important for learning and expanding the mind…THAT would start a discussion or invite comments. Those articles are coming soon with an invitation to discuss this on the blog.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    Alice Cotton Web site/blog:


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