Performance! My NOCTURNAL SPIRIT for String Quartet

amernetSEPTEMBER 13th! (Tuesday)
All are invited to hear and see my NOCTURNAL SPIRIT for String Quartet! Performed by:
National Opera Center: 8:30 concert time
[330 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001] Tickets $20.
order via , or call 1(877)444-4488 or at the door.

NOCTURNAL SPIRIT is an ‘Environmental Work’. As the Amernet Quartet performs you will see a video comprised of natural images which tells the story of the work and hear ‘sound backdrops’ composed of hundreds of natural sounds. For more on this work press the picture below!title page NOCSPIR stq (dragged) copy

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  1. Chris, I’m thinking of changing my reservation to make this. I really want to see-hear this. Shelley

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