Wow! New Editions of My Books!

ZOO COVER PAGEGood bye July!  That was intense… just finishing up complete new editions of all my books… with the new art I developed during the live shows…!  On to new things!… SQUIGGLE COVER NU PAGEBATTLE COVER INGRAM nuTOC2 coverpage

4 thoughts on “Wow! New Editions of My Books!

  1. Christopher – I want to buy these but you make it very hard 😦 Where are links to purchase? best, steve ᐧ

    *Steve Sandberg*

    * * *Tel. 646-717-4620*


    • Wow… Really?… Theres a picture in every page saying STORE PRESS ME… How can I make it plainer do you think… A picture of the WIZARD Zitthoona and it says STORE ORESS ME … Any thoughts?


    • Thanks for helping me improve my process… the email was sent as an ‘announcement’… but the links should be on everything! Hope you enjoy your books and music. It should all be there by now! And all will be automated in the future. Thanks Steven!


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