THE PHOENIX!! – The Phantastic Zoo!


The first Dance Puppet/Mask is near complete! – See it in action February 27th!  Saturday 11am – at The Brooklyn Community Center and Cafe!  Robert plays brilliant flute solos with wild fully orchestra music during The Phoenix’s introduction… then the creature tells a powerful story!

See you there! – Next  – to make The Mermaid… a mask and costume which will adorn young artist Sofia Rose as she dances and moves to the beautiful reading by Stephanie Erb! – and then… The Dragon!…

Making good use of the time afforded by vacation days!

Dr Soundartus, Director of The Phantastic Theater.phant icon5


0 thoughts on “THE PHOENIX!! – The Phantastic Zoo!”

  1. Supacool – keep at it, Dr. Kaufman! ᐧ

    *Steve Sandberg*

    * * *Tel. 646-717-4620*

  2. Yes, good use of vacation time! So cool these things you are making…good use of all that creative energy and unrestrained imagination.

    Alice Cotton

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