0 thoughts on “THE MUSICAL FOREST FOR ORCHESTRA is complete”

  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Love all the pics you’ve created.

    This is wonderful.

    Haven’t talked with my symphony friend yet. Have been busy editing like mad! Because it was so old and my editors are so good, I have had a lot to do. Through the process am learning how to do it better for myself next round.

    We can move on Wrong Notes whenever. It just needs publishing as is.

    But MT is nearing the end of editing thank goodness!

    Next will be the Detective Mystery series.

    More soon.

    Love what you are accomplishing! So cool.

    BTW Lisa ended up being an artistic hindrance to my story. She raised excellent points but got too busy and started rewriting it so I had to turn her loose. Back to Alex. And will stick with her. She has much more respect for the writer. Interesting…

    It seems we are both (you and me) in the throes of our creativity. We’re flying!

    Love you and all that you are doing!


    P.S. blada bing boola


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