7 thoughts on “LIVE READINGS!

  1. That’s a beautiful presentation, Dr. S., all the more so for having seen it in your home when I was there last May. I’m sure it will lead to more bookings. I want to book you for a concert in Australia RIGHT NOW! I think the comparison with Peter and the Wolf is a little off mark, as P&tW merely shows how music can express character and mood and tell a story, whereas Squiggle’s story explains to how music actually functions. Squiggle give you the same entertainment value with ten times the educational value!


    • Thanks GrohMaster,
      The comparison to P&tW is basically ‘Author’s Copy’, not something composers use too much – where you have to say something like “If you loved Tolkien’s LOTR you’ll love Chris Kaufman’s ‘Tales of the Ocean City!” and the like… but yes, Squiggle’s adventures are very much their own thing… lots of interactivity, especially with the Workshop version! – great to hear from you… I’ve asked Houston Dunleavy to get in touch with you when he’s settled in in his new job as director of comp at the Australian Institute! More Viola please!


      • I didn’t realise your friend Houston lived in Sydney. I thought your friend Sydney lived in Houston. Anyway, I just had a squizz at his website and was pleased to find that he’s written several viola works: a solo piece, two with piano, and best of all, a concerto for viola and wind ensemble! I’ll write to him soon and not worry about whether he’s settled into his new job yet. Any friend who comes with your recommendation is definitely worth knowing.


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