Episode Two of The Musical Forest Successfully Launched!

Another World Premiere in the books! gumbo2 presentA

We all had a great time performing, playing and learning through this unique forum I am creating!  Presenting fine art to families through “The Musical Forest”… and other projects…

songpodIn Episode Two the main character adventures to the Musical Trees  and learns about Melody and Hearing Tones in a unique and entertaining way…

upsongbirdsParents and their Young People all enjoyed it as did Sofia and I as we presented and performed…!  I then regaled the audience with a selection from my ‘Tales Of The Ocean City’ – glorious orchestral music filled the room as I read and voice acted this Epic Fantasy Adventure…  and we ended the session by ALL playing music with Nocturnal creatures in my  NIGHTMUSIC… a movement extracted from my piece Hudson Valley Music… here presented in ‘Workshop Style’… ‘Fine Arts for the Young’ indeed!

Join us next time (Saturday at 2:p.m. at the Gumbo Store  – 493 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn – Call org 2Karen to reserve – 718-855-7808) As we Adventure into Organda’s Valley to learn Harmony… and many other things!

Christopher Kaufman,



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