Come to the next 'Musical Forest Workshop'!!

6 triumph of spirit
Squiggle Triumphs!

Last Saturday we took you on a journey into the Musical Forest!  Squiggle met with her teacher friend Mizz Lizzaaarrrhd and earned her seedpod for Rhythm! So did all of you who were there when the musical adventure games were brought to life!  Then we played music with a Natural Soundscape of OCEANsounds taken from my large scale work Hudson Valley Music…!

The GUMBO Store! 493 Atlantic Avenue!  Dropins welcome..! Parents Welcome…!  Call Karen at: 718-855-7808 to reserve a spot!

fmas at gumboJoin us this week as Sofia Rose and I lead you back into the Musical Forest to meet the Songbirds in the Musical Trees and learn about Melody and Hearing Tones… songpodWe will also venture into the world of NIGHTMUSIC and play music with Wolves, Bats, Bear, Tree Crickets and many other creatures!

Press the picture below to read the overall description of our workshop!

workshop picccc


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  1. This is great! It reminds me of my teaching with young children. Am doing that now with my grandkids somewhat. May continue my ideas later when I have some books done. Music/ math and geography. Maybe here at my house, hold some workshops. Started doing that with science but I should stick with the arts. I am more engaged and experienced in art and music. I love that you are doing this too! We seem to share teaching, writing, art, stories and performance.

    I am going to visit Alex this coming weekend. Taking a bus. Long but cheap and easy. Anything you want me to tell her from you? I am excited to see the animals. We all love animals so anything you want to say to the animals?

    Alice Cotton

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