Welcome To Name That Opus!!


Name That Opus Can be found on itunes Here:  http://is.gd/wsmug9
Welcome to Name That Opus!  A brilliant new music learning game for all ages! Learn to identify famous classical tunes you’ve heard all your life by composer and title! Great for playing and learning with your kids!
Mr. Entopus – a colorful and friendly character, will lead, reward and encourage you in your journey through the ages as you earn points by how quickly you can identify the melodies! Factoids about the composers pop up and, as you progress, a fun factoid game will emerge! A complete timeline chart is part of the game which helps you learn when these composers lived and their music was written.
> 107 originally created musical examples.
> Many fun and entertaining voice recordings of Mr. Entopus, including cheers, readings, welcomes, introductions, encouragements and lessons.
> The music of 50 composers each with a factoid about their music and lives.
> A complete historic chart of the composers and their music which you learn as you play the factoid game!
> You can achieve many levels as you advance – with a clear colorful graph of the badges as you earn them.
> There is an advanced level where the music example combinations become more challenging.
> Beautiful graphics with an expanding dynamic timeline for each answer enhances your experience.Every player starts as an Usher and advances to Tone Maestro status. At the end you are given your overall timing so you can challenge yourself to beat your best or compete with others. As you advance, your newly acquired skills are put to the test as more challenging levels occur. A jukebox mode lets the app be used as background music, providing yet another way to relax and study the music. Name That Opus was developed by a composer and teacher who began playing this game with his 2 year old daughter – already a seasoned Tone Maestro before her third birthday! The ‘App venue’ allows Mr. Entopus to spread this fun and rewarding learning experience to people of all ages!

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