Review from a Family

TPO pic1b blogCongratulations on your very wonderful book & CD “The Adventures of Squiggle T. Buglet in the Musical Forest.”
We loved it — especially Sofia Rose in the title role! She is amazing — the intonations of her voice — so appropriate to whatever she is saying. How did you ever accomplish this?

Your delightful story, memorable characters with musical names, narration, music and art were masterful. We certainly hope that it is marketed to a wide audience — children/adults, libraries, schools, etc. and finds its way to the “right person” who will recognize your talents and commission another book or series of Squiggle & Co. books, CD’s & videos. Or it may be that someone who reads/listens to it will recognize that your talents are exactly what is needed for a particular project currently on the drawing board at Disney or similar creative place.

You have created something quite unique. Only a person with in-depth knowledge of music and a certain child could incorporate all these elements into a fun way to teach music to children/adults. You beautifully integrated the joy of music and the joy and wonderment of Sofia. Bravo! Besides musical concepts, you also taught other concepts –the value of kindness and friendship. Again, Bravo!

Favorite Episode — #4 — Extraordinary clever and beautiful music game that Squiggle needed to decode in order to cross over the water — the dragonfly, the star shapes, the colors and the lily pads — ingenious. Mizz Performa — super name for the octopus — and the wonderful way she taught the instruments of the orchestra. Your music throughout the CD was so appropriate and beautiful!

It’s interesting that I kept thinking about the beautiful film, “Fantasia” while reading the book and listening to the CD.

You certainly did yourself proud with this wonderful project. Take a well deserved bow!

Jane & Ernie Scerbo

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