2 thoughts on “SQUIGGLE TALKS!!!

  1. I love Squiggle! I think Sketchbook Pro will work for me and I already have it on my IPad. My plan is to hit it this winter after Dave, Alice and Ethan’s big adventure to Glacier Park! Lisa just happens to be going there the exact same week! So we see her! Incredible!

    We can’t do computers at this lodge so will try to figure out a way to let her see your book idea. May download a pick and maybe some audio. She may want to get hold of it for herself or for students or kid friends.

    As soon as I get my visuals figured out, I will send Musical Tales. Should fit in perfectly with Your growing publishing collection. Then I have both our musical books to show people followed by a book on my teaching methods. Home schoolers, teachers and parents should love having the ideas to help with their teaching and learning.

    Dave suggested doing chapters on several of my themes like The Queen’s Garden which ends with the Queen coming in to see their work…in story form? Hmmm, has me thinking…perhaps a story about the lesson with lesson content attached or linked like you did with When Buildings Speak. I am starting, slowly, to see a future in being retired. Have to put the physical stuff aside as best I can so I can write and draw and play. Has been a challenge! Yikes! Also the TN trauma has died down since it has been 7 months last time that the surgery lasted and 6 months so far this time totaling over a year with one small episode. Might be starting to get over it a bit.

    Anyway I want to have fun with you and your publishing company. What a treasure you have created for yourself and your family. Way cool! Love, sis

    Alice Cotton http://Www.artemisillustration.com http://Www.village home.org Alicot@comcast.net


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