1. Yes it is! I like to live there as much as possible. Fantasy is an alternative world where I have the most fun. A great place to be and how cool that we humans have the ability to create it, see it, live in in…….


  2. Hooray for Lloyd Alexander! I brought The Black Cauldron along with me to read when I was in New Zealand in June, and then I read the Castle of Llyr after I came home. The fantasy bookstore I go to in Sydney didn’t have any more Chronicles of Prydain in stock, but I’m probably better off ordering them online — books are ridiculously expensive here in Australia!

    I also bought the DVD of the animated Disney feature The Black Cauldron, which I saw with you in Dallas when it came out in 1985. Despite its notoriety as a box office flop that nearly sank Disney’s animation division, I found it an engaging and beautiful piece of fantasy, with terrific character animation and an excellent musical score by Elmer Bernstein. (I understand that The Black Cauldron was a huge hit in France. No Jerry Lewis jokes, please!) But of course it lacks the depth and richness of the book series.

    The electronic composer Merle Ellis, in his musique-concrete piece “Triolet”, commented: “The good guys all are paranoid. They hide their noises in the cellar, Lloyd.” I don’t know whom he was addressing, or whether he was just making a bad pun on the word “celluloid”, but I don’t believe Mr. Alexander would have agreed with that sentiment. Far from paranoid, most of the good guys I know are fairly ingenuous. And we mustn’t hide our noises anywhere; let the worlds of our own devising create echoes that resonate far and wide in this one!


    • Glad you’re in Prydain! The next two books are quite wonderful… and if you’re like me you’ll be left with a quite powerful feeling at the end. I adored the books when I was young… read them a number of times… but when I read them aloud to my toddling young person Sofia… straight through one to the next… I was left with an emotional ‘hit’ that was very deep and profound… had an effect on my life direction as it were… for me Alexander is a very fine artist of the highest category… (I can hear the academics chortling)… and a ‘model’… i.e. specifically when he talked about how when he started writing for young people everything got deeper and more powerful emotionally, not less!


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