4 thoughts on “Episode Two – Squiggle T. Buglet and The Songbirds is complete!!

  1. Hi Chris, I knew you were working on a book but I had no idea what it was about. Today I “tuned in” and heard the first episode and it was delightful! I loved the theme, the music, your voice and the voice of your darling little sweetheart! The illustrations are beautiful — so colorful and whimsical. This is definitely a WINNER!
    Love, Jane


    • Hi Jane!
      Thanks so much for visiting the site and making such nice comments! I look forward to sharing more with you. Episode Three has a bunch of lines spoken by our little sweetheart! Her voice sounds beautiful and is full of music and varied inflection… great father daughter project! …And then we’ll perform it live later on! I’ll bring a CD next visit. Love, Chris


  2. Hi Chris,
    This project is so wonderful — the whole concept– from the title of the book to the lovely, lovely music that draws the reader in to the delightful characters, their names and their adventures as they listen and learn. It is amazing how your beautiful fatherhood with Sofia has magnified and grown your own creative/musical talents and your ability to bring music to children and enhance their lives. You are definitely very gifted in this way and definitely continue on this path.
    All the best always, Jane


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