3 thoughts on “BOOKS ONE AND TWO – Now Available on Amazon for Kindle! Audio Book Album Soon To Come!!

  1. Thanks for putting this in Kindle form. I can get more people to get it now. SAme with When Buildings Speak. Most people I know are older and like my kind of book because of the history and many of these folks don’t have access to ITunesÂ…mostly Kindle. Two are waiting to buy it when it gets on Kindle.

    I am going to read yours on Kindle to see what it is like after the musical experience. I think, at this point, it is good to have both so folks can pick what works for them. I might have better luck with reading it. As a rep of the “old people”, I had a hard time because the music was sometimes overpowering and the story got lost a bit.

    I will it reading it on Kindle now and see how it goes. Will be reporting so you have feedback from the older folks.

    Since you are after a younger audience my old lady feedback might be irrelevant. hee hee

    Being in my 60s is often fun and sometimes a real pain or should I say it presents many pains from the past that enjoy haunting me.

    love as always from your Portland sister

    Alice Cotton alicot@comcast.net


    • Thanks much Alice! Very soon I’ll have the audio out as an Audio Book Album which will be lonked with the kindle book! Then people will have all of the options of the ipad version, plus pure soundtracks… though less visuals. It’s all good…! Then everything will be set up and I can focus on appearances… on that score I’lll be putting out a ‘kickstarter’ type initiative in order to help acquire the equipment for portable sound… for ‘readings performances’…. once the initiative is under way (about 2 weeks)… I get get the kindle book version of a book called WHEN BUILDINGS SPEAK…!!!


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