Welcome to SOUNDARTUS.  Explore and listen.  Here you will find serious classical music, powerful works defending our natural environment, works for family audiences and works of imaginative fantasy.  Each project page (found in the menu) is designed to give you a quick impression and provide the opportunity to delve deeper.  Thank you for being here… enjoy perusing my life’s work.  SOUNDARTUS is my interface, an imaginative approach to sharing new music and art with the world.

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Christopher Kaufman is a composer, author, teacher, performer and is the artistic director of CHIRON Performing Arts and The Phantastic Theater. He composes music for the classical concert stage and film.  He creates multi-media books which combine story, illustrative art, fully realized audio albums bursting with symphonic music, narration, voice acting, sound design, video and live performances. He creates Environmental Works which include compositions featuring hundreds of natural sounds and have a powerful ecological message. He maintains a private studio of music students of all ages. Christopher lives in Brooklyn with his wife Maryclare, his daughter Sofia Rose, who performs with him on stage often in a lead role, and their dog, Angel, and cat, Pluto, who protect them from all manner of monsters.   Resumé , BROCHURE

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 THE PHANTASTIC THEATER: Sunday, October 30th 2022!
See my ‘classical music play’ – “The Phantastic Zoo” – Here: press picture

Previously – CHIRON PERFORMING ARTS: 10/30/’21. – A *FILMCENTRIC Concert Event – Featuring the Music of Andrew Rudin, Robert Dick, Linda A. Marcel and Christopher Kaufman

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