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pneume6b OPT2I have worked for years to become proficient in the Creative Realms of Art.  I welcome you to my work.  Explore… Listen… revel in the Imaginative Worlds of Phantasy I have evolved for your Edification and Delight!  Harken back to the first time you felt the wonder of the Fine Arts… when your Feelings and Imaginations were propelled into Wonder by the practitioners of the past…  RECONNECT! … My friends and I look forward to meeting you soon in person at a production of  THE PHANTASTIC THEATER!

CONTACT:  jmusic800@gmail dot com

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pneume6bGreetings to all Friends and Followers of my Projects! Tales Of The Ocean City!, The Musical Forest!, Name The Opus!, et al.  I have reorganized and tightened the ship!  SOUNDARTUS is now my ‘umbrella entity!’.  My messages will now be from SOUNDARTUS!  The subject heading will bear the name of the Project I am blogging about!  My projects are also coming together in the form of THE PHANTASTIC THEATER -fine arts for the young! This is a new concert series and most of these projects will be performed there… especially the new one I am creating now THE PHANTASTIC ZOO! Which will include the talents of world-class flutist/composer Robert Dische and Actress Stephanie Erb!

VISIT the new site… just press and go!..Travel around a bit – it’s quite a journey!  Thanks for being on it with me!  Keep your eyes out for performances of ‘THE PHANTASTIC THEATER’!  Right now I am developing a WORKSHOP for THE MUSICAL FOREST – check it out HERE:

Thanks! All BEST! – Christopher


A wonderful new project is underway… THE PHANTASTIC ZOO! — In it I put together many things and am joined by creative geniuses such as Robert Dick and Stephanie Erb… this new work will take young people and their adult cohorts on a magnificent journey… filled with music, wonder and creativity… the BOOK is done… I am working on the AUDIO now… and soon the LIVE PRODUCTION! Which will be a mainstay of my THE PHANTASTIC THEATER concert series soon to come!! — enjoy some sounds in the side bar and ART!

cover 4 smCONTACT:  jmusic800@gmail dot com

SAVE-THE-DATE! The Phantastic Theater!


Come see the World Premier Performance of Christopher Kaufman’s new work ‘The Phantastic Zoo’ featuring ‘Robere Dische’ and Sofia Rose…!  Full Orchestral music will flow through speakers and gorgeous illustrative art stream by on screen… as Christopher’s powerful new story is led by this world-class flutist (visit Robert’s work HERE), who will personify the roles of the Wizard Zitthoona, The Dragon and the Living Tree.  Join the main characters Mary and Tim on their field trip to the zoo, where they meet the Wizard Zitthoona who ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo draface5where they encounter The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon… who tell the children their stories and gives secrets to living life!  Hear Christopher Kaufman’s masterful music and MER LEM2cenjoy the dancing and art of ‘principal young artist’ Sofia Rose!  Support this new enterprise to provide our young people with the imaginative power of the fine arts!…  Join us February 27th 11:AM at our new home – The Commons Community Center and Cafe! visit HERE:  See you then!



Presenting at AES Convention!

Javits Center!  Invited to speak about alternative paths for your creativity to reach the masses! Will be big fun… will be great to visit with cohorts and meet scillions of new folks!  I’ll be focusing on my ‘transmedia works’, Hudson Valley Music, Tales of the Ocean City and The Musical Forest!  Wish Luck! Join us if you can! – LINK: http://www.aes.org/events/139/presenters/?ID=4296Screenshot 2015-10-29 13.24.59


draface2Hello fans of Squiggle T. Buglet and her Creator!  I’ve been busy at work creating the new Book, Show Workshop titled THE PHANTASTIC ZOO, which I’ll be performing in February in the company of my friend Robert Dick, who is world reknowned flautist and composer – he will be voice acting and playing tons of glorious flute music as part of the show… He will be the Dragon, the Wizard Zithoonamage body and the Living Tree!peg 8






On Squiggle News, as you know I created the new version for full orchestra this summer!  Last week I presented the work and vision to a wonderful person closely affiliated with one of our Major Orchestras! He was enthusiastic in his praise and love of the music, he thought it highly original and effective and will be putting it forth to his people!  Wish us luck! There are other leads of course!

THE WORKSHOP will be repeated as well! – Hopefully Robert can join us a couple of times!  I am meeting with a new prospective host this month!

I’ll also be presenting my work at the AES Convention at the Javits Center at the end of October!… Onwards and Upwards!


Dr. Kaufman’s Studio: Blog Notes!

dr kHello Folks!  Got Eleven seconds?  Visit our blog page and make a comment  on any of the posts you see… there will be one on Hildi’s Art, On Ben’s 1000 Days of Practicing and others!  Just say hi!  Eleven seconds!  This post will take you there! Press above! – at the top of each post you’ll see a ‘dialogue balloon’ – that’s where you can say something!  All best, Dr. Christopher

DR. KAUFMAN’S STUDIO! Supplies and writings!

dr kHello students and families!  The year is under way…wow September went fast didn’t it?  Things go well… I am creating your new materials for journal taking and keeping notes on lessons!  I have pages for you now… and will bring to lessons this week!  Also all of the materials can be found on a new page for Supplies and Various writings!! – Just go to our teaching main page – here: http://soundartus.com/the-teacher/ — and press SUPPLIES!  This will take you a page where you can download stuff.  Supplies, Music and a few Writings – the ‘Argument For The Arts’ is quite useful.  More soon, Dr. Sofia’s Dad!


self-minHello Everyone!  Visit your Teacher Site!  Say Hello!  Take a glance at the BLOG and see our award winning ‘1000 day practicer’!  Whenever you see a read ‘balloon’ you can add a comment.  Three minutes is all that is required!

In the future you can post accomplishments and pictures of your young people and share them with the group!

This is the ART of Hildi Gabel… visit her page on the New Young Artists page!


Welcome!  Take a visit to the New Young Artist’s Pages! Here: New Young Artist’s Page : It is ‘Beta’ – feel free to make comments and suggestions!  And send Updates for the artists listed!  Let’s make more pages!  Videos and Art… anything musical can be included!  Music related projects from School! Press above and you’ll be taken to this blog and you can comment!  All best – see you soon!  Dr. K.!